New, More Realistic 'Sex and the City' to HBO - BUST

Lizzy Caplan, who played a vampire blood junkie in True Blood last season and is a co-star of the hilarious Party Down, has signed on to produce a TV adaptation of Julie Klausner's memoir "I Don't Care About Your Band" on HBO. Klausner, Salon's Lady Business columnist, has compared her memoir and the TV show to Sex and the City without Carrie's implausible lifestyle of a freelancer with her own apartment and $40 thou worth of shoes. The show sounds like it will actually be relatable to most women, as opposed to a fantasy lifestyle. Sounds good to me! Hopefully it will live up to the hype, and with Caplan as the sexy, funny leading lady it's bound to get some laughs!

Caplan is funny in all her major roles (remember Janice from Mean Girls?), but here's something a little different:


Photo: Sex and the City, Lizzy Caplan