NPR Shouts Out to All The Ladies - BUST

I tend to hate the idea of one woman giving an interview where she winds up speaking on account of “all women.” We are all very different and of course can only speak from our own individual points of view.

That being said, NPR is my hero. The good people over there have officially launched their new series “Hey Ladies,” which is based in this crazy new-fangled idea of working woman musicians. In March, they sent out a pretty decent list of 18 questions, the wonderful type that look simple but elicit story after story. Or, in some cases, no stories at all. Sounds confusing, but that’s what’s great about it, in my opinion. None of the answers are strictly the same, but still, there are definite trends.

The women who responded, which turned out to be around 700 in total (!), include some kick-ass ladies—there’s Grace Potter, Sharon Jones, Amelia Meath of Mountain Man, Chandra Watson of The Watson Twins, Zoe Keating of Rasputina, Sara Bareilles, VV Brown…phew! You want operatic sopranos? Got ‘em. Composers who don’t need no stinkin’ band? Covered. Completely unedited and uncensored? Chyeah.

Check it out by theme or take a look-see at the entire list o’ ladies. There will be a number of broadcasts in this series, one of which has already aired on All Things Considered about Lilith Fair as it stands today. Either way, keep yer eyes and ears peeled!

PS. If you're also a rockin' female musician and want to answer the qs as well, you can email heyladies@npr.org. :)

[image: NPR]