Know a bastard? (Of course you do.) - BUST

On one fateful day in February, Jess’s fiancé decided he wanted more out of life and peaced. (Read: The “bastard” left her for the Starbucks barista with kids down the street. No shit.) They had already bought a home together some months before in August after a long search. And now, Jess gets to pay for it. Luckily, a good friend has helped by buying out her now ex-fiancé’s share, but now she has 3 years to pay him back.

This is where Bastard Brownies come in. Jess is using her expert brownie-baking techniques to sell 5 varieties of brownies in order to help raise this money: The Original “Bastard” Brownie, The “Sweetheart” Brownie, The “Well Endowed” Brownie, The “Loyal Boyfriend” Brownie, and last but not least, The Ever-Indulgent “Slut” Brownie. Nom.

Here is your chance to not only buy something homemade (which we all know we cannot deny), but you can genuinely affect this woman’s life and give her the leg up we all need at one point or another. Karma, BUST-ies, karma!