Save The Bros Campaign Is A Cheeky Ad With A Subtle Hat Tip To Feminists - BUST

There’s a crisis on our hands, folks, and our bros are the ones bound to suffer. In an effort to get swoll, chiseled, and lean, bros across the nation are subjecting themselves to harmful chemicals and GMOs whenever they take a swig from their standard protein shakes.

Organic Valley, the Wisconsin based organic co-op, is looking out for them with their new digital ad, “Save The Bros.” It is a vital attempt to protect and save the “bro colony” we are currently in danger of losing.

As a native Jersey Girl myself, this new Organic Valley campaign resonates with me on a deeply personal level. Naturally, I worry about the bros of this country on the reg. I’m talking about the ones I encountered throughout my high school days—the baseball/football/every-other-ball star boyfriends who cared more about my ass (in the undoubtedly flare and light wash jeans I wore to school) than my aspirations.

Though you can bet I am deeply concerned about what would become of the Jersey Shore should the bros be gone (it would be a terrible blow to NJ’s economy, and Christie simply would not have it), one question from the video directly affects myself, Jersey girls, and women across the nation:

“Who would make comments about your physique that aren’t appropriate…but still appreciated?”

I mean, I truly loved and appreciated being called “Big Butt” or “Double B” or “BB” in the halls of my high school. And, of course, my middle school experiences wouldn’t have been complete without the boy who wore a T-shirt with cartoon drawings of different types of tits always being kind enough to point out which ones mine would look like had I not been wearing a lumpy pink sweater. I appreciated the honesty and these instances definitely felt like compliments.

So happy to see this campaign in the works, and I can only hope—for the betterment of female society and self-confidence—we can save the bros... We need them, we really do.