Patrick Wilson's Real-Life Partner Weighs in on that Girls Episode the Internet Trolls Won't Shut Up About

Perhaps the most remarkable part of this week’s episode of Girls was the insane backlash that it immediately sparked on the internet. The credits hadn’t even begun to roll when trolls came out of the digital woodwork to hate on the fact that Lena Dunham’s character Hannah managed to bag herself a mega-hottie like Patrick Wilson’s Joshua. 

Commenters were outraged by Dunham's audacity, crying that someone as attractive as Patrick Wilson would never deign to sleep with someone so un-centerfold-y. And while just as many people jumped to the show's defense, one response was particularly informed—that of Patrick Wilson's wife, actress Dagmara DomiƄczyk! Here's the twitter exchange: 

BAM! You go, Lady Dag! Check out our recap of the episode, and make sure to keep up with this wonderful, nudie-ping-pong-filled show. 


Screen shots and photo via Twitter


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