BUST's School for Creative Living: Talks

The BUST School for Creative Living is pleased to present the following talks and panels, led by feminist luminaries. Talks are included in a day or weekend pass.


A few lectures, noted below, are FREE for all BUST Craftacular attendees.

Storytelling as Activism


It's never been more clear that individual stories have the power to influence broad cultural attitudes about issues such as sexual assault, mental illness and abortion. Author and #ShoutYourAbortion co-founder Lindy West, and SYA's Founding Director Amelia Bonow join artist and activist Poppy Liu for a conversation about the revolutionary power of storytelling and how to begin building a better future in the wake of movements like #ShoutYourAbortion and #MeToo.



Saturday, December 9th

WOMEN & POWER Fighting Patriarchal Narratives & Being Allies to Each Other in the Era of Trump


Actor and feminist activist Amber Tamblyn will lead a panel on the topic of Fighting Patriarchal Narratives & Being Allies to Each Other in the Era of Trump. Other guests include Jamia Wilson (Feminist Press),  Alanna Bennett (Buzzfeed news) and BUST co-founder Laurie Henzel.


Sunday, December 10th



The History of "Witch Feminism"


The witch is a shapeshifter, transforming from goddess to ghoul, healer to hag, and adversary to advocate based upon who seeks her. Throughout history, the witch has both challenged and reflected patriarchal narratives about female power, and has thus become one of the most enduring feminist icons of all time. In this illustrated lecture, Kristen Sollee — author of Witches, Sluts, Feminists: Conjuring The Sex Positive — will trace the history of “witch feminism” from Early Modern Europe to the present. With an eye specifically on female sexuality, she will delve into the links between witches, midwifery, and reproductive rights; the transformation of witch hunting into slut shaming; and the role of the witch in feminist activism and politics over the past century. With art, literature, film and popular culture as a backdrop, this talk will peel back layers of misinformation and misogyny to chart the witch’s development from diabolical sorceress to symbol of sexual and intellectual liberation.




Sunday, December 10th

Sex Magick Panel with Sophie Saint Thomas, Kristen Korvette, Dakota Bracciale


Your orgasm is powerful beyond simply blessing you with a burst of natural drugs. As a witch, this simply means stepping into, becoming aware of, and learning to harness your own power, and using your sexual energy to manifest anything you desire. Cast spells with your orgasms and obtain anything from a book deal to a partner who treats you with the respect that you deserve. Panelists Sophie Saint Thomas, Kristen Korvette and Dakota Bracciale  will discuss how to unleash your inner sex witch.


Sunday, Dec 10th


Free with ticket to Kristen Sollee' or intro to BDSM


How to Feel Pleasure After Sexual Trauma


In this workshop, Corinne Kai will use her experience as an ER rape crisis advocate to help survivors understand how to feel pleasure after sexual trauma. Too often, survivors put up walls between mind, spirit and body post-trauma and feel blocked from being able to experience sexual pleasure.Participants in this workshop will walk away with tangible skills to help them feel embodied and sensual either by themselves or with partner(s).

Corinne Kai is a writer, budding sex educator, and girl on the move currently residing in Brooklyn, NY. She looks at the world through the lens of an anti-capitalist, pleasure activist, femme-of-center queer woman. Corinne is a RAINN Speakers Bureau volunteer, sexual assault advocate at Bellevue Hospital, experienced editor, and is published on sites like Teen Vogue and GO Magazine. 


Sunday, December 10th



Consent Workshop: Find Your Voice with Woman Within and Man Kind Project



In the wake of #metoo let's talk about consent--what it means to us and how we can advocate for ourselves. Yes, there are many times we haven't been heard, and it's easy to feel powerless or lost. Without negating those experiences, we're here to help you regain your yes and your no. Let's get out of intimacy's gray areas by declaring what we want loud and clear. 

What we'll cover in this workshop:

  • Time for personal stories to be real and connect
  • Boundary exercises
  • Tools and techniques to find your voice 
  • Exploring what healthy communication looks like 
  • Staci Ivori is a community organizer, intuitive guide, tarot reader and reiki practitioner. She resides in Brooklyn and teaches workshops, hosts moon ceremonies, and leads empowering witch circles.
    Erika Anderson is a writer, teacher and founder of Army of Lovers. She facilitates nonviolent communication for all genders and personal development workshops for women.
    We both bring our experiences facilitating in Woman Within, where we create spaces for women to heal and be heard. As as well as our expansive work with our partnering community, Man Kind Project.





    Sunday, Dec 10th

    530 pm


    Anger Can Be Power Led by Julia Cumming


    "It seems like every day brings a new disaster that fills us with hopelessness and rage, leaving us to shake our fists at the sky. We can vote, call our representatives and protest, but is that the full extent of what we can do?

    Our founder Julia Cumming, singer/bass player of the band Sunflower Bean, was struggling to understand what she could do to utilize her creative energy for good in this time of turbulence, and that many creatives around her were grappling with similar thoughts. Finding inspiration in the kids she saw at rock shows all around the world, ANGER CAN BE POWER endeavors to invoke the DIY spirit to inspire people to integrate political involvement in their lives. Through person-to-person connections and informative speakers, people of all ages, genders, and interests can begin to define what being “politically active” means to them.

    ANGER CAN BE POWER is an experiment in harnessing the potential of our collective outrage to create a compassionate community with the political efficacy to change things for the better." 



    Sunday, Dec 10th



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