I spent a good chunk of my weekend partying at the Governors Ball, the 3-day NYC music festival that featured performances by Icona Pop, Azealia Banks, Dirty Projectors, and Ms Mr. (And some semi-unknown dude musicians called Guns n’ Roses, Nas, Kings of Leon, and Kendrick Lamar.) And while I had an awesome time eating food on sticks and getting mild sun damage, I and all the other festival attendees had to contend with one especially annoying festival guest: mud. A particularly nasty-ass hurristorm on Friday night left the grounds almost comically muddy for the rest of the weekend. Walking from stage to stage across the massive fields meant mucking through terrain so treacherous, it was like a set from Double Dare. (Or American Gladiators, if you prefer that reference.) But the sludge just dampened people’s shoes and ankles, not their good times. Here, presented with minimal commentary, are some visual highlights from the weekend. And, of course, some crowd shots that show off the ridics cute ladies I saw while I was out in the trenches. Actual trenches.


Did I mention it was muddy?

But nevermind that. Ladies and gentlemen, Ms. Azealia Banks:

The Dirty Projectors:

Icona Pop on the decks:

Ms Mr starting a dance party:


And some styles and cute people that needed to be documented:

Photos by Andrew Landry and Molly Simms