You know those dreams that you kind of remember but it's all a little fuzzy and you can only recall traces of images and blurs of movement? (Or maybe that's every dream. Either way...) Enter avant-garde songstress Anika's music video for "I Go To Sleep." We at BUST have loved Anika for awhile now, especially after interviewing her for our April/May of 2011 issue! The stark landscape and slow-mo action might make you feel lost in a dream of your own. The British and German singer-songwriter creates an ethereal world in her gorgeous, moody cover of the Kinks' song about unrequited love and escape from reality.

It comes as no surprise that Karen O and Nick Zinner cite Anika as an influence on the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs record. Her 2010 debut album Anika "jumped out as being totally fucking outsider, left-of-the-box music. [It] didn't sound like anything else that I'd heard," said Zinner. Indeed, her experimental sound is inspirational to say the least. So sit back and take your daily dose of melancholia by enjoying Anika’s soothing vocals and the rhythms of the keyboard. Just try not to fall into a gloomy daydream at your desk. 


Anika’s self-titled EP will be officially released tomorrow on Stone’s Throw Records! But you can grab a copy from Stone’s Throw now by clicking here.