Recently someone on the internet described Jessie Ware as "the missing link between Adele and Sade," which is one of those "LOL WUT" statements only a music writer could invent. But after her live show this Wednesday at Music Hall of Williamsburg, it all makes sense. It doesn't quite come through on her recordings, but yes, she does have Adele-level pipes, and yes, she can get as funky as Sade. Who knew? Russell Crowe, apparently. 

Compared to the pyrotechnic extravaganzas put on by most pop songstresses, Ware's show is stripped down to the bones--just her, three band members, and a sign behind the drummer that reads "JESSIE WARE." Once she starts singing, though, it's clear why she forgoes the usual circus: her voice is without question the main attraction. It's smoky, it's sultry, it's big, it's airy, it's everything. I went into the show looking forward to her hit "Wildest Moments," but by the time she got to it (she saved it for the end, naturally), I had forgotten all about it. That might be her biggest single, but between "Sweet Talk," "If You're Never Gonna Move," and "What You Won't Do For Love," it doesn't even register. 


In addition to having the voice of a really hip angel, Ware is incredibly charming. She told us (in her fantastic British accent) about buying "biscuits" off a Girl Scout ("my publicist told me to get the Samoas") and apologized for eating the whole box before the end of Passover. If she isn't massively famous within three months, we should all just give up and move to Europe. They're obviously the best at picking pop stars. 


Devotion will be released in the US on April 16, and Ware is touring stateside before she heads to Europe. Click here for dates!

photo via Spinner

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