March is the ultimate “blah” month when you spend half of your time cursing the end of winter, hoping desperately for those warm days to pop up sooner rather than later. But the end of the month promises brighter days-- and good times! If you’re looking for something cool to do once spring arrives, the self-described 90’s glam-punk group Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black is playing an all ages (!) show on March 31st at Santos Party House.

The special concert will host rare appearances by Youthquake and No Bra, plus the premiere of a new Youthquake video. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased ahead of time here. Go to the Facebook page for the event for updates and deets. Until then, here’s some of Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black’s best to tide you over. See you at the show! 


Image via Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black