Vice has just released this new video featuring a holiday message from two of my favorite critters on the planet: Lil Bub and Andrew W.K.  


Lil Bub, for the uninitiated, is a star-cat whose appearance is defined by his dwarfism, big ol’ saucer eyes, and perpetually stuck-out tongue. Andrew W.K is a singer-songwriter and the self-proclaimed “King of Partying”. Together, they are an unstoppable dream team of cheer. 


The video, Lil Bub and Andrew W.K.’s Special Holiday Message, urges viewers to remember all those animals out in the world who aren’t lucky enough to be internet sensations this holiday season and donate to their local animal shelters. It also features Lil Bub licking a cookie, because apparently the world is a wonderful place in which wonderful things like this occur.  

So do as Andrew W.K. says and donate to (or adopt from) an animal shelter this holiday season. I present this bonus footage of Lil Bub as motivation: 

Videos via Vice, LilBubBub

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