We’ve just cleared the first week of December, and I’m sure that for some, holiday exhaustion is already rearing its ghastly, tinsel-encrusted, eggnog-stained head. If you’ve already had your fill of the overplayed holiday pop standards that dominate the airwaves this time of year, fear not. There is hope on the horizon.  

Sufjan Stevens, everyone’s favorite musical Michigander (or mine, at least), has just released a new Christmas rap mixtape called Chopped and Scrooged. Featuring artists like Kitty Pryde and Das Racist, this new collection promises to be a departure from the typical Christmas canon. But Stevens is no n00b when it comes to producing alternative Christmas music. He's been tinkering with the way we think about holiday music for years.  


Stevens is a prolific holiday songster. Dude’s already got two 5-EP Christmas box sets to his name (Songs for Christmas, Silver and Gold). But hey, I’m not complaining. I’ll happily spend the hectic, harried stretch of time between Thanksgiving and New Years being serenaded by the Suf. 

Check out this track, "Implants & Yankee Candles", featuring Kitty Pryde:



...and find all the other tracks from Chopped and Scrooged over at Pitchfork

Also, for good measure, here is the absurd and wonderful infomercial for Silver and Gold. Happy holidays, indeed. 

Photo via Lastfm.com