Kreayshawn is back with another single from her latest album, Somethin ‘Bout Kreay, dropping Tuesday, September 18, and her track sends its message out loud and clear: Twerk it. 


Premiering on Rolling Stone today, the Oakland rapper's latest track, “Twerkin!!!” is a booty poppin’ anthem that features a couple of BUST’s favorite boys, Philly-based DJ Diplo and flamboyant rapper Sissy Nobby.  Diplo adds more sex in the mix with some sultry vocals in the hook, and sissy bounce rapper Sissy Nobby hypes it up with a pump-up verse three-quarters in that is sure to have any crowd jumping along. 




With lines like “Booty poppin’ on the floor/Don’t be shy better beat her score,” Kreayshawn’s skillful rhymes gives us a pep talk to let go and twerk it.  Her badass, don’t- give-a-shit attitude is what drew our attention last year with the release of “Gucci Gucci,” and it’s we love about Baby Kreay.  BUST interviewed her last year for our October/November issue right after the hype that resulted from her first hit.

“I want to motivate girls to do whatever they want,” Kreayshawn told us, “whether it’s rapping, film, or making beats.  I don’t see a lot of girl producers.  I want to see girls do everything!”

Based off “Twerkin!!!,” Kreay wants to see us girls "drop that booty," and I'm down.  The track is a sexy blend of fast-paced danceable beats and heavy fluid bass that makes it seriously hard to resist dancing along.  Try to resist.  I dare you.


You can listen to "Twerkin!!!" here


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