Dan Deacon’s new video for “True Thrush” off the new album America, out August 28th, is based on the game "telephone." Co-directed with Ben O'Brien, the video opens with a short scene created and filmed by the duo, which is then imitated by another team of two, and so on. Each pair was given one hour and one take to recreate the previous groups’ video from memory—costumes, set, acting and all. The game ends messier and more insane than it begins, resulting in some crazy art, new gestures and actions, and a giant, cardboard grouch-monster.


It's more than just a visual version of a childhood game, though: the video is also pretty telling of the eclectic bunch featured in the clips. Some people hesitate and seem to cringe when they get ready to dump the full bucket of water onto their teammate, many of them just barely releasing the water. An elderly couple don’t just high-five, but add a step to hug afterwards. One duo chooses not to hug. A sign that reads ‘no’ is changed to say ‘love.’ Through some little details of a game, we are able to gain a better understanding of these people’s personalities, relationships, and creative interpretations. Take a gander, below, and pass it on!  

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