Yup you read that right--Fleetwood Mac is getting back together. The ethereal gypsy that is Stevie Nicks spoke with “CBS This Morning” on Wednesday about the group reuniting for a handful of shows in 2013.

“Next year, so far..it’s the plan.”


The number of plays “Rumours” has in my iPod is up in the triple digits and I am crazy excited--like tween crying at boy band concert excited--for the chance to see Fleetwood Mac live on stage. My life will be complete once I get my hands on those tickets.


But 2013 is still a little while away. In the meantime you should check out “Just Tell Me That You Want Me-A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac,” a 17-track collection of the band's 45-year career covered by some great indie artists. I’m currently obsessed with The Kills’ take on “Dream,” Lykke Li’s “Silver Springs,” and Karen Elson’s "Gold Dust Woman.”

The album is set for an August 14th release under Hear Music/Concord. Click here for a complete 17-track listing of “Just Tell Me That You Want Me,”and enjoy the 1977 live performance of "Dreams," below:

Image courtesy of FleetwoodMac.com