Just this morning, Sigur Rós released the video for “Fjögur Píanó,” from their new album, Valtari. Despite the fact that the video's highlights include topless bed-gymnastics, bondage and body-painting in a room filled with dead butterflies, and some friends enjoying hallucinogenic lollipops in an underwater car, the strangest part of this video has to be the fact that the whole thing stars a naked, sobbing Shia LaBeouf. 

Written and directed by Alma Har’el, the video is part of the band’s “Valtari Mystery Film Experiment,” which lets filmmakers “create whatever comes into their head” when they listen to the song. For them, “the idea is to bypass the usual artistic approval process and allow people utmost creative freedom.” I assume that’s the same creative license DreamWorks gave Michael Bay for Transformers, so perhaps the casting wasn’t quite a stretch after all. You can check out the dreamy eight-minute video for yourself, below:


[video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scctp8-xYX4&feature=player_embedded#at=366 425x344]