If you’re looking for new music this summer to enjoy as you tan and barbecue, let us suggest previously unreleased tracks from Can, the amazing German experimental rock band from the 60s and 70s. These new songs will make you dance and give you the boost of energy you'll need to haul your surfboard down to the shore.

All the songs were taken from 30 hours of master tapes, found in the band’s studio. They are completed works which were not previously released for various reasons and will be available this month on a three-CD set entitled The Lost Tapes. Preview the set by listening to some jams right here, and watch a preview below.


Can is among a list of bands that spearheaded the music genre, “Krautrock”. A distant British press conjured up the word, which was initially rejected by nearly all of the bands it described. The movement, however, became extremely popular and inspired many artists including David Bowie and Iggy Pop, who were moved to travel to Germany to record their albums Low, Heroes, and Lust for Life. The movement also inspired bands such as Radiohead and Kasabian.

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The “Krautrock” movement began in 1968 when the youth of the world was revolting, and Germany had good reason to be included in this group. The country, at the time, was defined by the aftermath of WWII, and its artistic culture was tarnished with Nazi associations. Youth in German cities reacted to this by reinventing the music scene, and Can was a pioneer of this movement.

Now that you’ve completed your history lesson, school’s officially out for the summer. Go enjoy, and rock out! 

[video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLufW9YvBz4&feature=youtu.be 425x344]

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