Keith Apicary showed up to an open audition for Kimberly Cole's music video and upstaged a room full of professionals. This video combines my love of silly uninhibited dancing, underdogs, Sega Dreamcast references, and Capri Sun. 

[video: 425x344]


Well I'm stealing some moves from this guy. He's got mad swag. Turns out this ain't his first rodeo either. Keith Apicary is the b-boy alter ego of UCB comedian Nathan Barnatt. If you can't get enough of his sick skills, check out his video for Yelle's Comme Un Enfant (Freaks Remix).


This audition has a happy ending: Kimberly Cole tweeted that he got the gig!

LA people should go to his show on April 28th and witness the glory in person! Find more info and tickets here. 

Image source Noisey