Melt, the title of Young Magic's debut (out now on Carpark), is just one word that could describe how the songs on this record came together. The album is not only a melting pot of the group’s talents but a retelling of their musical journeys, long in both miles and inspiration. In 2010, producer and Australian native Isaac Emmanuel found himself recording music while traveling across Europe and in the U.S. and Mexico. Coincidentally, Emmanuel’s pal Michael Italia was doing the exact same thing. The two met up in New York City, where they combined their talents with Indonesian-born vocalist Melati Malay. The trio started laying down tracks and thus Young Magic was born. Their nomadic journeys and aptness for picking up a slew of instruments leads to a raw and tribal-inspired sound on Melt. Songs like “Slip Time” and “Jam Karet” evoke robotic syncopated beats, while “The Dancer” and “You With Air” dish out ghost-like electronica tunes fit for a discotheque. If you’re in search of intergalactic tunes perfect for spacing out in the long winter months, look no further--Young Magic has you covered.


-Lara Streyle

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