As a person who is currently in the process of redecorating her room to look like the Black Lodge, I get really excited every time I receive an email about David Lynch. This excitement was only doubled today when I saw an email that involved both David Lynch and my favorite goth-pop singer Zola Jesus, whose amazing album Conatus (out now on Sacred Bones) was on repeat in my headphones for months last fall (and whose performance on the first night of CMJ caused me to be disappointed in all the poor suckers who had to follow her). Lynch's recent album Crazy Clown Time left me a little skeptical about his musical prowess, but his awesome remix of  ZJ's next single "In Your Nature" has me fully convinced. Apparently, Zola (aka Nika Roza Danilova) isn't that into remixes, but when she heard that the man behind Eraserhead was interested, she had to say yes. As you do, when David Lynch comes calling. Could there be a better pairing? Danilova even kind of looks like Julee Cruise! Fever dream: Lynch uses ZJ as the creepy lounge songstress in all of his future films and they both collaborate with Angelo Badalamenti for the soundtrack. Make it happen, people.


The remix will be available for purchase digitally and on the 7-inch vinyl "In Your Nature" single on Feb. 21. Until then, listen here!

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