Japan is always releasing cool things, but probably one of the coolest and trippiest is Hatsune Miku--Hatsu (first), Ne (sound), and Miku (future) is a name meaning "the first sound from the future". Miku is a Japanese Pop idol and she isn't even real! But, that doesn't stop her from having sold out concerts in Japan, L.A., and an upcoming concert in Singapore.

She sings, she dances, and she does all this with an awesome set of flowing aquamarine pig tails. The "girl" can own an audience. Just watch in the video below of her single "World is Mine":


[video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTXO7KGHtjI 425x344]


Of course, animated singers and holograph performances is nothing new to us (just check out this Gorillaz performance). But, you can't deny that crowd, those cheers, and the army of waving glow sticks (some of them are leeks!), can you?  Unlike, the Gorillaz, Hatsune Miku doesn't have a real voice behind her virtual physique. She's a character from Japanese voice program Vocaloid2 created by Crypton Future Media. The voice uses samples from voice actress Saki Fujita but is actually a music program that enables users to create synthesized singing by just typing in lyrics and a melody.

Her sky-rocket to Pop stardom after a popular video of the character popped up--Miku holding a leek and singing "Ievvan Polka". After that demand for the program was so high that Crypton couldn't keep up. Now she has concerts, fans, figurines and appearances in TV shows and even Toyota commercials. More than just the sound, maybe we should be calling her the star from the future.


Source: Hatsune Miku