With Halloween right around the corner, the Misfits will soon be in heavy rotation on my turntable. Not that they aren’t usually on my playlist; I’m a die-hard Danzig fan, I’ve rocked a devilock, and my now-boyfriend’s inclusion of Pajo’s stripped-down version of “Hybrid Moments” at the end of a mixtape is what won him a third date. I am also a fan of cute girls, and a downright sucker for a lady with a ukulele (YouTube knows this, and as such, my “recommended videos” include almost as many uke babes as they do Danzig interviews). 


So when I saw this list of the “Top 20 Cutest Misfits Covers Performed by Young Ladies,” I thought I’d died and become a Crimson Ghost (seriously--some of these are so sweet they made me blush).  Ukulele and acoustic-guitar-strumming girls galore! Misfits jams (good ones, too!)! I had no idea that there were so many of us singing Misfits alone in our rooms (I prefer a jazzy, scat-inflected take on “Static Age” myself)!

I would like to congratulate this young woman for delivering the line “I want your skull” in such a chill manner that I briefly weighed the relative merits of decapitation, and I invite her to be my new best friend:

[video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtBJFUHtWXk 425x344]


And this one is cute and all, until you get to the very end and realize she's singing to a baby and then it’s ADORABLE:

[video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xo1T7_YeuTg&feature=channel_video_title 425x344]

I've always found the Misfits' music to have a fascinating, complex relationship with women, sexuality and culture (I regularly gogo dance/strip to Misfits/Danzig), so it's interesting to hear their songs from a female perspective (and for pretty much the opposite of the the covers on this list, see Bitchfits). It's especially telling that, when slowed down and sung in a decidedly more angelic voice, they could be considered "cute." I'm not offended; while I do prefer my Misfits tunes fast, angry, and original, I think it's good to hear so many ladies making these songs their own. You go, ghouls!

[What Does Blood Sound Like?]

[photo of Christina Gummi via YouTube]


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