For me, The Fiery Furnaces hold a very nostalgic place in my heart. I remember listening to them while doing your typical angsty activities. Going on first dates with boys to the park or museum, sitting on the floor in my room and drawing in my composition book and reflecting on my plans for the weekend and feeling like the freaky blues infested songs charged me up in a way only I could understand. If i recall correctly, i even snuck out of my house in the suburbs to immerse myself in a live performance and after that i was hooked. To my suprise, yesterday while browsing Pitchfork, i fell upon some information that made the teenager inside me squeal with delight. Eleanor Friedberger is coming out with a brand spankin' new solo album, and the video for the single, "My Mistakes" is ready for viewing! I do have to admit, i was a little weary at first, because i am so partial to The Fiery Furnaces, i was scared of being disappointed. However, upon viewing the video my apprehension quickly faded. Her honest and frank voice is still there over a simple track with heartfelt and quirky lyrics.  The video features her doing your normal pre-date rituals in her Brooklyn apartment; shaving her legs, fixing her hair, applying make up and hanging out on her stoop waiting for date to arrive and take her out. Several tour dates were also announced including NYC's own four knots festival. I feel like the teenage girl in me that began to love the The Fiery Furnaces would appreciate this video and its glimpse into the girlie side of Miss Friedberger. Not to mention, it's pretty freaking adorable in it's own weird way. Just like Eleanor. 

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