A few weeks ago we posted the last video created for Peaches "I Feel Cream" release for the song "Mud" but apparently there were two separate videos made for this song, and below is the 2nd, and it's pretty Fierce! We asked Peaches about it, and here's what she had to say:

BUST: Who made the video, and why were two versions done?

Peaches: Jasmin Tarasin made this video. She built a pit with a tractor to have the girls fight in.  I met her when she asked me to be involved in her live installation project called LIVE.  There are two videos because I wanted to work with both people and knew the results would be totally different.  It was the last video in the series so I wanted to go out with a bang 'slinging mud' so I thought having 2 videos was a perfect solution.
When can we expect more music?
I’m working on it
Any more plans to revive Peaches Christ Superstar?
Andrew Lloyd Webber has stopped us from performing this for the next two years because he has touring shows of JCS all over the world and I guess he sees our version as competition??? Weird.  My electro rock opera, Peaches Does Herself, just finished its second run in Berlin and the film version is in the works right now.


[video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6c8nU1gkqY 425x344]

Photo: Angel Ceballos, Video: Jess Daly made the costume for Peaches and Patricia Piatke did her hair and makeup

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