The Dreijer siblings, Karin and Olaf, who make up the Swedish synth pop duo The Knife, don't like to show their faces in public a lot. However, they've volunteered to skill share their musical knowledge in a two day workshop for girls 12 - 18 this June. The workshop is part of Popkollo, a music camp for girls that has over 1600 members and takes place in 6 cities across Sweden.

In comment, Karin and Olaf said: "We think it’s great to be part of Popkollo and to share our skills and we hope there will be more girls behind the mixing desks, in the dj booths, by the synth controllers and by the computer composing!"

Too cute, dudes.


Jealous? Check out a list of not-for-profit all girls rock camps; with over eighteen existing in cities all over North America and one happening in London, UK. You can get you rock on, too!

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