Emma Roberts, niece of Julia Roberts, and Dave Franco, brother of James Franco, both starred in MTV’s Supervideo. In an attempt to resurrect the music video, collaborators, MTV and Mean Magazine have created a Supervideo series using great directors, awesome music, big stars, and an artistic approach. Directed by Patrick Hoelck, this supervideo is a mini movie, rather than a music video, that plays over Cults’ “Go Outside.” 

Roberts and Franco make a rather cute couple as they embark on a nightlong adventure of shopping, dancing, and kissing. Roberts stars as the iconic blond beauty, Brigitte Bardot, who comes to life out of Franco’s television, very similar to that creepy girl in The Ring.


 This supervideo is the second for MTV; the first video starred Anna Kendrick in LCD Soundsystem’s “Pow Pow.” Check out Emma Roberts and Dave Franco's video for yourself on MTV!

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