Today the White Stripes made the announcement on their site that they are calling it quits, something about setting the music free, no hard feelings etc. I really loved the White Stripes, some of the best concerts that I attended in this decade were played by them, but I'm not sad really. I've got the records and at least they won't get into any embarrassing Mick Jagger territory.  I will, however, miss Meg's drumming.

This reminded me of a photo shoot and interview we did with them way back in 2001. Because BUST was pretty unstable back then, we never even got to put the story out (I wonder why we didn't just run it a bit later?) and I don't even know if it exists still, the only thing I remember about the interview was that Meg didn't really talk much, Jack answered all the questions. Luckily the photographer (and mon mari) Michael Lavine shot some 16mm film of our afternoon on the Staten Island Ferry, and set it to hello Operator, so here it is. (PS. you can spy the twin towers in the distance, this was shot in July).


Long live the White Stripes!


[video: 425x344]

photo: Michael Lavine