Great music is magical. It can trigger a real emotional, or mental response and reaction. This has definitely been exemplified by the haunting, rather cryptic music of Anika’s self-titled debut LP (produced by Geoff Barrow of Portishead/Beak> on Stones Throw).

Here is BUST's review:

There are a lot of chicks out there today emulating female musical icons of the ’60s and ’70s while putting a new twist on things. So far, no one’s done it quite like Anika. A German-born, U.K.-raised 23-year-old former political journalist, Anika mixes musical styles including German electronica, girl-group pop, post-punk reggae dub, and experimental, while singing over it all in a low, deadpan voice. There’s a detached yet full-on emotional quality imprinted on the entire album, which was produced by Portishead’s Geoff Barrow. It’s reminiscent of not only Nico but also Marianne Faithfull circa Broken English and Grace Jones in her Warm Leatherette/Nightclubbing period. Whether Anika’s covering classics like Yoko Ono’s “Yang Yang,” the Kinks’ “I Go to Sleep,” or Bob Dylan’s “Masters of War,” she transforms these selections with her own unique vision. A musician who sounds like Nico and covers Yoko? What could be cooler than that? [Michael Levine]


The New York Times says, “The sound is fresh.... the songs get your attention; they've got texture. It's startling.”

Perhaps the most apropos description of Anika’s artistry comes from Drowned in Sound, which describes the debut LP as “frequently terrifying, plainly unsettling and isn’t the best thing to listen to alone in the dark. It is also quite, quite brilliant.”

Similarly, The Venue tells us “Seeing her in the flesh is downright disconcerting. tall, blonde, psychopathically detached: she’s equal parts sullen teen and suicide bomber…”

Having been in high demand, Anika is finally crossing the Atlantic and gracing both LA and NY this February, playing a limited number of intimate DJ gigs.

BUST is particularly excited to announce that we will be sponsoring the free, February 12th event at Brooklyn’s Trophy Bar, featuring DJ Duane Harriott, and Veronika Vasicka.

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Anika’s music reflects political and atmospheric themes; being hailed as controversial and provocative, the music is at once ambient and discordant, punky and melodically ethereal.

You can listen to or download the haunting track “Terry” here!

ANIKA'S DJ schedule:

Feb 4 Los Angeles Natural History Museum w/ Peanut Butter Wolf, Anika DJ Set

Feb 9 NYCMercury Lounge. Anika DJ Set w/ Cubic Zerconia, Popo, Machinedrum, Party Supplies. 7:30pm-10:30pm. 21+. $10.

Feb 10 NYC Gallery Bar (Basement). Anika DJ Set w/ Blu Jemz, Unemployed Lloyd. 120 Orchard St. 11pm. 21+. Free.Feb 11 Brooklyn, NY Glasslands. Anika DJ Set w/ Javelin, High Life. 8:30PM. $10. 21+. 289 Kent Ave.

Feb 12 Brooklyn, NY Trophy Bar. w/ DJ Duane Harriott, Veronika Vasicka, Anika DJ Set. 10PM. Free. 21+. 351 Broadway. Sponsored by BUST Magazine

Feb 14 Brooklyn, NY The Commodore. Anika DJ Set. 336 Metropolitan at Havemeyer. Free. 10PM.

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