Austra @ Mercury Lounge

I am stressed to the bone, trying to organize a cross-country move while balancing two jobs and a million projects. It's freezing outside, AND I'm running late with turning in the music section for the next issue (hehe, sorry, Lisa) and yet I folded all of this up and shoved it to the back of my brain wagon the other night to see Austra perform an early show at Mercury Lounge. 

Austra is a Canadian based band fronted and fed by Katie Stelmanis, who I've more or less been obsessed with since I first heard her music two summers ago, when she was just performing as Katie Stelmanis. The band has just released their debut 12" on One Big Silence, and it's perfect. Just perfect. 


A lot of people like to compare Austra's music to Kate Bush, but I tend to think it's a little harder to categorize. In order to paint an adequate picture, I'd have to get really dramatic and say that Austra is lyrically and vocally haunting, the perfect soundtrack to a post-goth lifestyle, and makes me wish that I could ride a white horse to work each morning. And no, that wasn't a drug reference, I meant an ACTUAL white horse. It's also made me think that buying a heavy black cloak and wearing it as my winter jacket this season is probably a great idea. Make sense?

To see Stelmanis perform is not like your average "here I am at a show" experience; it's pretty, and dramatic, and makes you feel all sorts of emotions. I mean, what more can I say to convince you? Just buy the album: Here.

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