What should you expect from a band that lists robin's eggs, cat energy and the symphonic faint technicolor web as musical influences? Raw, ambient energy. And although I have not seen all-girl Portland band Purple Rhinestone Eagle live, their recorded tracks are stellar and have a pretty commanding presence. With a voice that is similar to Grace Slick's (Jefferson Airplane), singer Andrea G. sort of sing/chants melodic metal that is somewhat reminiscent to a genre of metal known as "sludge" (because it is slower, but thick/heavy, not because it is like dirt) with the musical brilliance of Seattle band The Gits. However, these three girls mix it up a lot and keep it interesting at all times. Their style seems to range from sludgy, to ambient, to jammy, to weird-syncopated- heavy-breathing moon-y rock.

Purple Rhinestone Eagle is touring now, and playing in my hometown Richmond, VA tonight at the recently re-opened Strange Matter (you southern vets might know it as Twisters or 929). They are continuing on their tour up the east coast an then heading overseas to the Netherlands.Click here for tour dates!


[video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdSm_wip6yI&feature=search 425x344]


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