It's hall in a days work as Leslie takes time out to show us around her hometown of Ames, Iowa. 

"GOOD MORNING! I'm so happy to see you show up at my house for a museum tour.  The mobile Museum is behind my house, I can promise free admission but I can't promise that I'll be dressed or not be gas-y."


"To stay in shape, I find bicycles to be the easiest non-sweaty way to burn lower leg calories.  This mud pile is a hole my dad dug up to build a wall. I'm not sure if the outfit is pajamas or a sleek one piece".

"You'll find me many places, eating a bean burrito, mailing my pen pals, or marching though aisles of fake flowers humming wedding songs, practicing for my future wedding kisses.  I know it's too early to wear turtle necks..but gimmie a break.  Floral on floral equals gardens of bushes".

New Fall Issue d217c

"I do get asked what I would be doing if my dance skills weren't up to par.  I'd like to take over my Dad's job at the Door and Fence Store in Ames.  I'd price fences and replace garage door parts while winking at customers.  Not to mention coming up with all of our radio commericals with original jingles".  

"Yes, I'm a sucker for video stores.  Tuesday - thursday they give you a extra rental for free.  Its hollywood deals at my greasy finger tips.  I'm not too worried about getting a crowd around me because I blend in with my surroundings through discount fashions and not wearing deodorant"

"Mother makes all my stage costumes.  She's old school sewing which means she's a perfectionist with pins, zippers and buttons.  I prefer sewing with straight stitch while watching TV.  Her garments tend to last a lot longer but mine and have a pleasant women appeal which some people might find charming and child like.  On a side note thats a new bra I just bought which actually fits me.  THANK YOU LADY AT THE MALL"!

For more photographs of Leslie Hall by Jennifer Juniper Stratford please visit and click on Keeper of Thyn Gems! 

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