sxsw was amazing! i needed a full day to bounce back from it, but amazing none the less. i saw some really great stuff and actually, i can say without any kind of bias at all that the BUST party was among the best. It was really, really awesome. So many nice people came out and umm, it would be a total oversight to not mention the effin outstanding mojito's. Grand Ole Party (DH Records), Yacht (Marriage & States Rights Records), Mika Miko (Kill Rock Stars) and Heloise & the Savoir Faire (Simian Records) all played and rocked. If you don't know any of those bands you really should check them out.

Among other awesome bands I saw (and that you should know about ):
Two Gallants <---so amazing! and great guys.
Trainwreck Riders <---total sweethearts
Matt + Kim
Peggy Sue and the Pirates
Akron/Family <---this show blew my mind 



 Dawn, Jonah (from Yacht) and I. Yes, that's his arm around me! Swoon.


Matt & Kim are perfection, they never cease to amaze me. Such fun! You can't help but leave their shows smiling. And yes, we were that close to them, ON the stage in fact.

Have you ever seen a cooler venue in your life? This is where I saw Trainwreck Riders, Peggy Sue and the Pirates, and Two Gallants (the first time of the festival). Sitting in the warm Texas sun and wathcing great bands perform all day at this amazing farm (yes, with real live chickens and goats!) = pure bliss. 

Sheila B (whose DJ sets totally rocked!), yours truly, and Maggie with those fantastic mojito's...thanks 10 cane rum! 

All in all....SXSW ruled.


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