The Internet creates buzz bands in a day, and most acts drop off the radar faster than last week's viral cat video. But that shouldn't happen with Sleigh Bells, whose infectious debut, Treats, could be the year's most hard-rocking, noise-tastic release. Frontwoman Alexis Krauss has a bubblegum-sweet voice that can instantly switch to a howl intense enough to peel the neon polish right off her fingernails, a quality that vibes well with her bandmate Derek Miller's shredding skills. Her banshee-next-door vocals shine on amped-up versions of blog faves "Crown on the Ground" and "A/B Machines," but the new songs showcase a healthy versatility in her style. Lead single "Tell 'Em" starts off with a guitar riff that sounds like a gun being fired, an insane contrast to Krauss' decep-tively saccharine chants of "cocaine champagne." If your headphones aren't blown out after a few listens to Treats, you're doing it wrong.