So, here’s the deal. Amanda Palmer, infamous member of The Dresden Dolls and now flourishing solo artist, has recently been liberated from her record label, Roadrunner Records. (…home to Nickelback. Yes, seriously.) Her newest release, an album full of Radiohead covers on the ukelele is scheduled to come out tomorrow. This will be her first official release as an independent artist (hooray!), and the awesome thing about this whole independence thing is that she, the actual artist (GASP), is the one in sole control over her sales. She makes the decisions. Me likey.


 The kitschily-covered album, appropriately titled Amanda Palmer Performs The Popular Hits Of Radiohead On Her Magical Ukelele (phew), is, again, supposed to be officially released for order and digital download tomorrow, but if you are super-nerdy and follow her blog (like me) or receive her newsletter (ahem…also like me), then you can download today! The base price she is charging is 84 cents. Yes, this seems incredibly random, but 54 of these cents will go to Radiohead, as is only fair, and the rest will go to Paypal for fees. If you choose to pay more, which I truly recommend, the extra will then go to Amanda Fucking Palmer herself.

 Amanda Palmer events and releases are never without their drama and spectacle. If you want the whole nine yards, you can get the incredible record bundles…some of which include a hand-painted ukelele, buttons, a vinyl of the record, a “vintage ad” poster, a recording of Ms. Palmer singing the haiku or group of words of your choice, and/or even a personal Skype call, complete with Ms. Palmer performing the Radiohead song of your choice...tomorrow at 3 PM. Then at 6 PM is the live webcast, with guests, performances and probably lots of alcohol over at According to her website, Amanda says, “it’s going to be my weirdest/funnest/most ambitious webcast to date. plan a party and get your tiki torches ready. also buy some mojito fixins. we will DRINK.” (I definitely recommend this for the nerdy…the last one I watched ended with Amanda, Jason Webley and Sxip Shirey, somewhat drunk, singing while venturing into the woods until the wireless web gave out. Hilarious.)

See you on the internet tomorrow at 6!


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