Screaming Females, one of our favorite bands on Don Giovanni Records, released a compilation of their singles a few days ago called ... Singles. We ended up being pretty jazzed about it, so  we had our writer Erica Varlese whip up a review. Here it is:

 As the Jersey saying goes, “We pump our fists, not our gas.” And Screaming Females is fist-pumpin’ music. The female-fronted, psychedelic, pop-punk band hails from the basements of New Brunswick, New Jersey, and after self-releasing two full-length albums, is all set to put out Singles, an EP of their most popular tracks. After hearing the ferocious vocals and melodic guitar solos of petite front woman, Marissa Paternoster, it seems there’s nothing Screaming Females can’t do. Mix together some Slits, a little X-Ray Spex, and Sleater-Kinney, with Paternoster’s soulful vocals, and you have Singles. Songs like “Pretty Ok” and “Cortez the Killer” have a very early-British punk feel, complete with reggae influence; whereas “I Do” showcases Screaming Females’ mastery of building and releasing tension through guitar solos and strong drumbeats. While Screaming Females take their recent success in stride, I know I won’t be the only one who wants to say “I Do” to their latest release. [erica varlese]


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