Pardon the red face, I was rapping like craz. In the pic above we were tearing up some "Ignition". Calvin also did Snoop which pretty much secured my crush on him. Oh, perhaps you don't know about Calvin yet (that's right first name basis). We reviewed him in the new issue of BUST, which just dropped on BUST today and should be arriving in mailboxes around the world shortly. His debut album is so freakin infectious it hurts.


It is no news flash that I like hot boys and sweet dance beats. When Laurie asked me if I wanted to go to the Calvin Harris karaoke I was already gearing up for my Whitney Houston impersonation before she could finish saying karaoke. I live for karaoke; Laurie on the other hand had never stepped up to the mic and tried to pretend like she wasn’t going to catch the fever. It didn’t take long before she was doing backup vocals for Guns and Roses with a bunch of people she had just meet and then taking the mic with me for the old standard “Shoop”. It was a blast and by the end of the night everyone was hanging off each other’s arms and backing each other up like old bros. I can only assume that a certain Mr. Harris has designs on trying to wifey me after he saw my lust for the karaoke life. He was also in the songbook! So natch he had to perform “Girls” and it wasn’t long before everyone was on the floor, singing along. Oh what a night.


I love this chick, Mary-Louise! She works at Spin and sort of reminds me of a mini Laurie (below).

New Fall Issue d217c

Sweat the shirt right?



Where is his arm...around me playas! Oh that's right, someone wanna wifey!
There are even more hot pics here and here
Amazing right.


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