Wendy McClure at Trailer Park
BUST's "Pop Tart" columnist Wendy McClure came through N.Y.C. last weekend on a visit from her sweet home Chicago, so I made sure to grab a pineapple full of liquid sunshine with her at one of my fave bars, Trailer Park. As one of the few people on earth I will concede knows more about pop culture than I, Wendy in person didn't disappoint, and in fact dazzled me with this little gem of ephemera she picked up on her visit to the Museum of Television and Radio. She told me that at the museum, she had witnessed a mind-boggling Monkees TV special circa 1969 called 33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkey. The part that really made my brain run out of my ears, was her description of a musical number by the Monkees' special guests, in which Jerry Lee Lewis was filmed playing a piano ON TOP OF a bigger piano being played by Little Richard, who in turn, was playing ON TOP OF an even bigger piano being played by Fats Domino. The mind reels. Honestly I've been transfixed by this incredible mental image ever since Saturday, and that's not just the pineapple talkin'! Thanks for the tip Wendy! I will find that footage if its the last thing I do!

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