Peaches is a rock star, producer, director, visual artist, and performance artist who rose to fame in the electroclash era of the early 2000s and whose terrifically transgressive albums—including Fancypants Hoodlum, The Teaches of Peaches, Fatherfucker, Impeach My Bush, I Feel Cream, and Rub—are absolutely part of the feminist canon. Think you know how Peaches stays so juicy? Then take the quiz!

Born in Ontario, Canada, on November 11, 1966, Peaches’ given name is ________.


a. Merrill Nisker
b. Alecia Moore
c. Lesley Sue Goldstein
d. Cherilyn Sarkisian

In 2000, Peaches moved from Canada to this European city, and it has been her home base ever since.

a. London
b. Paris
c. Rome
d. Berlin

Peaches’ stage name is an homage to a song by which legendary performer?

a. Aretha Franklin
b. Nina Simone
c. Tina Turner
d. Madonna

This year, Peaches went on a world tour celebrating the 20th Anniversary of her groundbreaking album________.


a. The Teaches of Peaches
b. Fatherfucker
c. Impeach My Bush
d. I Feel Cream

Complete the following Peaches quote: “I do think every kind of ________is a privilege and therefore has a responsibility. Once you have any privilege, you have a responsibility to use it for a bigger purpose.”

a. sex
b. feminism
c. art
d. activism


Answer Key: 1.a, 2.d, 3.b, 4.a, 5.c


Photo: (Peaches) Ramona Rosales

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Rosemarie Lundgaard is studying for a master's degree in Contemporary Literature at the University of Aarhus. She currently lives in Brooklyn, NY, and enjoys coffee, going on walks, literature, and anything pop culture related.