For those of us languishing in the mid-summer heat, Los Angeles-based band Hot As Sun brings a refreshing new song to cool us off. The band’s latest single "It Was Bananas” is the summer sound tonic we’ve been waiting for. Evocative of early eighties sounds like ESG or Bush Tetras, we love the animated video created by artist Patricia Luna (Beck, Stuntdriver, Freidberg). The single also features Justin Meldal-Johnsen on bass of (Beck, St. Vincent, and Nine Inch Nails), 

Hot As Sun began in 2010 with vocalist, songwriter/composer Jamie Jackson and writer/singer Deborah Stoll. Since their formation, they have produced multiple EPs and an album embracing a raw, primal dance-punk style.  


True to the video’s title, “It Was Bananas” is a delectable frenzy of sound and imagery. With lyrics like "Tropical night, so sticky hot, your radiant skin. Give me a drink a firecracker punch on the chin. A stop sign but we go ahead and waltz right in" evoke visions of summer Americana and the kind of crazy hot sweaty nights so wild you can't really explain them because "you had to be there, it was bananas." Jamie Jackson’s signature sensual vocals accompanied by whimsical animation make this new single an avant-garde August anthem. Enjoy!


Images courtesy of Hot As Sun/Deborah Stoll 

Grace is a senior at Kenyon College. Currently living in Vancouver WA, Grace enjoys road trips, podcasts, crossword puzzles, and spending time in nature.