I Choose to Live


(Loosegroove Records)

Seattle’s Brittany Davis delivers a manifesto of heart and inclusivity on their rap, electronic, and R&B-infused debut EP, I Choose to Live. Davis, a protégé of Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard, packs an amount of reflective and groove-worthy content into six songs that is nothing short of remarkable.


The opening title track is a beacon, giving shoutouts to frontline workers and vital nods of reconciliation: “To my Asian brothers and sisters I extend my heart/Because I refuse to let the past keep us torn apart.” “Madd” rails sweetly against the pressure of conformity, while“Disconnected”is a beautiful ballad about appreciation for the authentic self. A gifted songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, Davis is also a blind, nonbinary performer, fearlessly spreading joy with immense talent and grit. In their own words: “I’m here making spaces for people who have been silenced by societal norms.” –CAMILLE COLLINS

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Camille A. Collins is the author of the novel The Exene Chronicles and a recipient of the South Carolina Short Fiction Prize. She likes writing about music and has contributed features and reviews to The New York Amsterdam News, AFROPUNKBUST, and other publications.  She lives in New York City. Find her on Instagram @camillecollinsauthor