Rosalia MOTOMAMI 6c2ab



(Columbia Records)


On her third album, MOTOMAMI, Rosalía leaves all inhibitions at the door. Her meteoric rise has brought her to a place of creative liberty as she experiments with different sounds and styles, from start to finish. Opener “Saoko” is immediate proof, as the sonic switches signal a new era for Rosalía. She brings the Weeknd into her world on the sultry “La Fama” (which usually happens in reverse when it comes to Abel); “Bulerías” is a stripped-down masterpiece, along with “Chicken Teriyaki” and the melodic “Hentai,” where we hear the depths of her vocals at work. “Bizcochito” brings the energy back up, and she mellows back down on “Delirio De Grandeza.” MOTOMAMI is a refreshing change of pace from a star who continues to shine. –Kathy Iandoli

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