Maita WildForYou 2ef34


I Just Want to Be Wild for You

(Kill Rock Stars)

I Just Want to Be Wild for You is emotional gold. Led by songwriter Maria Maita-Keppeler, Portland’s MAITA grapples with the complexities of modernity and connecting amidst disconnection. Melodic, twangy guitar and dulcet vocals often walk the razor’s edge of breaking open—and sometimes do, as on the single “You Sure Can Kill a Sunday,” which erupts into punk riffs of fuzz and catharsis before transiting back and then in again. The album is insightful and raw, with a wink of humor, like on “Light of My Life” (“Give me three in the morning/Someone is still listening/I’m lonely, convince me I’m above being lonely”). Yes, please. –Carlee Mcmanus





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