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The sophomore LP from Red Ribbon (the project of songwriter Emma Danner) sounds like how many of us are currently feeling: lost, but with a sense of wonder. Having moved from Seattle to L.A. while working on the album, Danner’s songs are noticeably more sonically informed by the new locale. The opener “Weight of Man” is reminiscent of a Neil Young piano ballad during his Laurel Canyon days, while “Renegade” shifts to a more classic-Fleetwood-Mac-with-the-windows-down kinda vibe. Whether it’s how she uses her voice, or how she fleshes out her songs with strange and beautiful instrumentation (flutes and strings), the songs on Planet X are best when Danner goes weird.

Red Ribbon
Planet X
(Danger Collective)


By Maria Cecilia
Photo: Zackery Michael

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