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Wren Wilder’s new music video is the perfect pastel-colored backdrop to her melodic pop song, "Egyptian Cotton." The song takes what could be a sad subject—the end of a relationship—and instead delivers an experience full of upbeat whimsy thanks to Wilder’s serene vocals and playful instrumentals. The video, directed by Susan O’Brien, reflects this mood flawlessly with colorful backgrounds, clothing, props, and fruit-and-flower-filled imagery, creating a perfect balance between heartbreak and happy ending that is incredibly fun to watch.

L.A.-based Wilder describes herself as a “musical storyteller, multi-instrumentalist, and producer” who “creates extraordinary moments through pop music overflowing with emotional complexity.” Her songs are all original and take inspiration from a mix of pop, folk, and rock genres, combining various instruments in new and unique ways that turn negative emotions and insecurities into “confidence, joy, celebration, and unconditional love.”


Top photo credit: Image via Wren Wilder

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