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CasanovaOnTheMic’s newest single, “NO MAKEUP," is a reminder for all women that you are fine just the way you are. Produced by Fliptunesmusic, the single reads as a love letter to the natural beauty that resides within all of us. “I wanted to let women know they are more than booty and that they should know their worth,” Casanova states about the inspiration behind the track. 

Originally from the Island of Guam, CasanovaOnTheMic is an artist that transcends all genres from Hip-Hop to Dancehall. Performing at events such as Team Backpack Brooklyn, the Guam Liberation Day Parade, Guam LGBTQ Pride, and Vibe Fest, Casanova is someone to watch out for. 


“NO MAKEUP” feels like the type of song that you would listen to while getting ready to go out with your homegirls, and rightfully so, as Casanova spits about how women deserve to feel good in the skin they were born in. As she states herself, “I hope people can connect to the message and to encourage other women along the way”. 

You can stream “NO MAKEUP” and other tracks here

Top Photo Courtesy of Monty Martin


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