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Going to Hell is the debut full-length solo effort from Lande Hekt of beloved U.K. indie-pop band Muncie Girls, and it’s also Hekt’s first album after coming out as gay. The album sparkles with infectious feel-good pop; the lyrics follow themes of yearning and contrition, as well as stepping into who you are, and perhaps connecting with others who may need it (like on the beautifully anthemic eponymous track). The brightest encapsulation is the single “Whiskey,” where Hekt’s voice is smoke and velvet, the slow build of guitar and drums creating space for the lyrics to shine through. In a swell of questions and fears, Hell is a release, and an embracing of the notion that pretending can’t go on forever. –Carlee Mcmanus 

Lande Hekt 
Going to Hell
(Get Better Records) 


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