Junglepussy, aka Shayna McHayle, manifests her true persona at full throttle on her fourth album—a soulful combination of trap, interstellar synth, blissful crooning, and brutally honest rhymes. Open-ing with the sensually sinister “Bad News,” the listener is welcomed to the cheeky yet haunted world of Junglepussy. The album’s brilliance lies in the dissonance between the backing tracks and the lyrics: on “Telepathy,” she intones, “I’m my own snack/Why you brought me to the store?” alongside a hypnotic synth; “Stamina” pairs orchestral strings with lines like “Drip-pin’ like a three-piece side and a biscuit.” If there was ever a doubt, Jp4 confirms McHayle’s dynamic presence in pop culture is here to stay. –KELLI EBENSBERGE




(Friends Of/Jagjaguwar)


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