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Lime green hair and sweet summer vibes is usually what you get from Brooklyn artist Alex Mali. The Trinidadian-Jamaican indie R&B artist's music is as refreshing as a cold sip of Ting and perfect for listening to while cruising around during the day or while unwinding after night falls. Her new video, for the song “Fighting Words,” however, shows the singer's more somber side. 

The third track from Mali's Phenom EP, "Fighting Words" is a song presented in video form with soft blue and green hues that contrast with expressive neon-orange words painted on the faces of Mali and her dancers. Similar to Rihanna’s “Truthtattoo that she sported for the May 2020 British Vogue cover, the words "crazy," "bitch," "angry," and "weak," are among the terms vividly etched across the video's performers to startling effect.


IMG 7384 05edaSource - Youtube screenshot

“Fighting Words” is a song from the perspective of someone who feels burned out and isn't about to take any crap from anyone anymore. A great find for fans of SZA, Mali has uniquely created her own lane in R&B and she's definitely an artist to watch.


Top Image: Youtube screenshot

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