Bully Sugaregg f8a86

Nashville-based Bully returned to rural Minnesota to record their “happy-go-lucky/fuck-it-all” third studio album. Frontperson Alicia Bognanno teamed up with Grammy Award-winning producer John Congleton to blend her raspy, urgent vocals with dynamic bass-heavy melodies. The playful, cheeky lo-fi elements are a departure from their previous album, which brings unexpected pockets of levity, like playing in rain puddles. “Let You” showcases Bully’s beloved, signature head-banging rhythms, but the stripped-down penultimate track, “Hours and Hours,” illustrates Bognanno’s emotional growth: “I’m pulling out my hair/Trying to figure this out/…I’m not angry anymore/I’m not holding on to that.” –Kelli Ebensberger 



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