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Gavin Turek, Sofi Tukker, Lauren Ruth Ward, Boh Doran, Dresage, Elizabeth Woolf, and BELLSAINT share some words of encouragement for their fellow Americans. 

We can pridefully say that voter suppression tactics did *not* make it onto this year's ballot, because ‘VOTE’ and ‘REGISTER TO VOTE’ are currently trending. If you’re active on Instagram, you know that the platform is spreading voter resources like ad-wildfire, and it’s become cool to help others navigate their way through this upcoming election. Certain celebrities have even made it fashionable to be informed (like this very educational video on the dangers of a “naked ballot”). 


Whether they’re doing it to please the algorithm or because they’re excited to chime in, we can celebrate the fact that people are exercising their constitutional right to vote. The November 2020 primary election, in all its unnerving complexity, is shaping up to be historic: over 70 million people have already cast their vote, and that’s almost 20 million more than last year. 

These Seven US based artists are all well-acquainted with the trials and tribulations of sharing their voices with the world. Get to know them below.

Sophie Hawley-Weld, who makes up one half of the American duo Sofi Tukker, inspires nostalgia for our club days while still arousing a fully loaded and much needed serotonin burst. 

Gavin Turek, the bright shining, genre defying songstress, is fabulously endowed with many talents and easily your new obsession.

With influences like Sheryl Crow and The Cranberries to underground beat music and '80s new wave, Boh Doran is the almost-politician we are so glad never stopped writing poetry.

Prolific songwriter BELLSAINT is one feminist who deals in matters of equality — singing to uplift her fellow ladies and the rest of humanity — via familiar melodies and pleasantly unexpected rhythms. 

Lauren Ruth Ward is the musician/fashionova (supernova plus fashionista) force you’ve been waiting for since 1969, delivering raw emotion to you in the form of classic rock from the future. 

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Elizabeth Woolf is the free-spirited music lover whose songs act like mirrors, allowing us to see ourselves from the many angles we possess.

Dresage is the dreamland of singer/producer/writer/composer Keeley Bumford, who explores sound and texture with lush, orchestral musings that inhabit many genres and all of our playlists.

Watch the video below.

By Ariana Tibi

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